Edition One September 2023 - Home Charging and 10,000 FREE EV Charging Miles When You Buy a New or Used Nissan EV

One of the most common questions when considering an electric car for the first time is;

How and where will I charge the car?

Unlike a traditional combustion engine, you won't divert via the petrol station on your way home and spend sometimes upwards of £1.50 per litre to fill your car. Often these petrol station visits are considered a chore - and we leave them until last minute, or when we're in a rush to go somewhere, or on a Sunday morning when we do a food shop and the queue for fuel is off the forecourt.

With an electric car, the best place to charge is at your home. No more visits to the petrol station as you'll simply drive home and plug it in to your dedicated home charger which takes less than 10 seconds. In a few hours (or the next morning in the majority of cases), your electric car will be charged and ready to go from the convenience of your driveway.

How do I get an electric car charger and which one is best for me?

With Nissan, you can now simplify going electric by getting your car, home charger and installation all for one single monthly payment as part of a new finance offer. This special offer is the result of a collaboration between Nissan and their two preferred EV charge point installers - E.ON Drive and Pod Point. Our team of electric vehicle experts, with over 12 years of electric vehicle experience, will assist you in choosing the best home charger for you.

The Pod Point Solo 3 home charger is available in with or without cables (tethered and untethered), with prices from £1,024 including VAT and standard installation.

Get 10,000 free EV charging miles until 15th January 2024

If you purchase a Pod Point Solo 3 7kW home charger with a Nissan LEAF, ARIYA or Townstar EV and as well as being able to spread the cost within your monthly vehicle payments, switch to EDF's 'GoElectric Overnight' tariff and you’ll also get the equivalent of 10,000 EV miles credited to your EDF account once you’ve signed up.

A tailor-made EV tariff like EDF’s ‘GoElectric Overnight’ will save you money. But the savings don’t just apply to your car – the off-peak prices apply to all of the electricity you use in the off-peak hours at home. This means you could save even more by using the timer functionality on high energy appliances like dishwashers so that they run overnight.

Five easy steps to enjoy this fantastic offer

1. Purchase a Nissan ARIYA, LEAF or Townstar EV from Western or Barnetts Nissan.

2. Order the award-winning Pod Point Solo 3, 7kW home charger from Western or Barnetts Nissan

3. Claim the offer by switching to EDF (if you're not already with them) and completing the online claim application. This will be sent to you by Pod Point after you have scheduled your charger installation.

4. Installation of your new Pod Point Solo 7kW home charger will be completed by specialist installers.

5. Drive your Nissan EV up to 10,000 miles for free, with a credit of £228.56 applied to your EDF account.

Why go electric with EDF?

EDF’s GoElectric Overnight tariff is tailor made for charging your EV at home.

  • Designed exclusively for EV drivers
  • Fixed Pricing for a year – your price will be fixed, giving you peace of mind that even if prices go up, your rates won’t change
  • Backed by 100% zero carbon electricity
  • Available to all new and existing customers
  • 35 total off-peak hours every week at just 8p per kWh
  • Enjoy 5 hours of 0ff-peak electricity every night between 12am to 5am during winter (GMT) and 1am-6am during British Summer Time (BST)

Interested in a Nissan electric car? Contact us to book a no obligation consultation and extended test drive, so you can experience living with electric.

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10,000 driving miles, equating to an energy value of 2,857kWh and a monetary value of £228.56 including VAT*, credited to the customer’s electricity bill upon EDF verification of the qualifying criteria as being fulfilled. (*The 10,000 miles is calculated on an average driving efficiency of 3.5 miles per kWh of charge and EDF’s GoElectric Overnight tariff’s current off-peak rate kWh price of 8p/kWh (correct as of 21st August 2023) (the “Offer”)

Only customers fulfilling all the following criteria at the time the Offer is requested will qualify for the Offer:

Offer is open to customers purchasing new battery electric vehicle (BEV) via any Nissan authorised Dealership only.

The customer already has their domestic electricity supplied by EDF or switches to electricity supplied by EDF;

The customer has signed a cash purchase, personal contract purchase, hire purchase, hire or personal contract hire agreement with a Nissan authorised Dealership / Nissan Finance (RCI Financial Services Limited trading as Mobilize Financial Services) as a private residential customer between 21st August – 15th January 2024 for a Nissan BEV to be supplied by an authorised Nissan Dealership in Great Britain.

The customer has purchased a Pod Point Ltd Solo3 7kW home charger with standard installation as part of their Nissan BEV purchase or hire agreement between 21st August – 15th January, 2024;

The customer has requested the Free 10,000 offer no later than 15th February 2024 following signing a purchase or hire agreement contract for a BEV via a main Nissan authorised Dealership / Nissan Finance on or before 15th January, 2024.

Offer is not transferable and no cash equivalent will be offered.