All New Toyota Mirai

Hydrogen In Its Most Beautiful Form

At Toyota we are driven to continuously develop ever better solutions, pioneering new technologies that help make society and mobility safer, more sustainable and more accessible.

In 2015, Toyota launched our first-generation fuel cell car, the Mirai. A car that emits nothing but water from the tail pipe.

Just five years later the All New Toyota Mirai is being launched. Eye-catching design effortlessly blends with innovative new technology. This is the next step in the age of zero emission driving with greater efficiency, more power and longer range. Go beyond with the All New Toyota Mirai.

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The Power Of Hydrogen

The All New Mirai is powered by electricity made in its innovative fuel cell stack that fuses oxygen and hydrogen. The hydrogen is stored in tanks under the cabin of the Mirai and reacts with oxygen from the outside air to produce electricity, which is used to power the vehicle.

The result? Zero tailpipe emissions, in fact, it emits only water. With a driving range of more than 400 miles*, the All New Toyota Mirai offers a unique, dynamic and rewarding rear-wheel drive experience combined with a stunning design.

Enhancing The Driving Experience 

Fuelled in just minutes so whether on a work commute or longer adventure the Mirai’s technology makes driving smooth and enjoyable. Ahead of a journey, you can use your smartphone to heat or cool the Mirai to your perfect temperature, ready for you to experience the luxurious 5 seat interior.

The latest driver support technology could help to make your journey and those around you feel even safer. You can also stay connected with wireless phone charging, seamless smartphone integration with the 12.3” multimedia screen and Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™.

Committed To Go Beyond Zero

For more than 2 decades we have evolved our pioneering full hybrid systems which are incorporated in the innovative hydrogen fuel cell drive-train, which powers the Mirai. A true trail blazer, the All New Toyota Mirai is helping us to achieve our ambitious goals. We have developed Hydrogen-powered cars, brought Hydrogen power to buses, trucks and even boats. From low emissions to zero restrictions, from greater mobility to a better society for all, Toyota is committed go beyond zero.

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