New Toyota Proace City Electric

Ready For You & Your Business...

The All New Proace City Electric is everything you expect from Toyota, in a van. The All New Proace City Electric range is designed around you and your business.

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The benefits of Proace City Electric.

Electric vehicles (EVs) offer not only a silent and refined ride but also savings on fuel and access to low or zero emissions zones.

Up to 161 miles* range

With a 50kWh battery, you can travel up to 161 miles* on a single full charge in the Proace city Electric.

Fast charge in 30 minutes^

When plugged into a rapid charger, the Proace City Electric can be fully charged in as little as 30 minutes.

Zero emissions whilst driving

Running without fossil fuels, the Proace Electric produces no harmful C02 emissions or NOx gases at the tailpipe whilst driving.

Save on fuel and maintenance

Cheaper electricty and a simple maintenance schedule helps your business save on every job.

Government grants

Avoid congestion and emissions charges and get up to £3,000 from government grants.

^Charging times subject to local circumstance.Rapid charging power ratings can vary by location.

*Electric range figures are provided for comparability purposes, and can vary significantly depending on factors such as, accessories fitted (post registration), driving style, weather conditions, speed or vehicle load. It is best to only compare electric range figures with other cars tested to the same technical procedures. These figures may not reflect your real life driving results.

Change Your Journey.

Our new Proace City Electric can travel up to 161 miles* on a single charge, but just like traditional vehicles, the weather, how much weight you’re carrying and way you drive can affect range.

Charging Your Proace City Electric.

Charging an electric vehicle is convenient, easy and available with 3 options depending on your needs. See below.

Normal plug socket

You can charge an electric vehicle from a normal plug socket.

Wall box charging

Install a wall box and you can charge to full overnight.

Fast charging

When plugging into a rapid (100kw) charger, the 50kWh battery can be fully charged in as little as 30 minutes^.

Power Your Business. The All New Proace City Electric is the perfect solution for your business. This compact van combines the capability of the conventional Proace City with the efficiency of an electric powertrain, producing zero tailpipe emissions when driving. With a range of up to 161 miles* when fully charged, you’ll always have the confidence to go where the work is.
No Compromise On Cargo. With a 700 kg payload and 500 kg​ towing capacity, you can be sure that Proace City Electric has the capability you need to get the job done.
Keeping You Moving. It’s easy to recharge the Proace City Electric With a full charge in as little as 30 minutes^,​ and driving range as high as 161 miles*, working with electric doesn’t get easier than this.