Mercedes-Benz EQ Range

Discover an All-New Way to Drive. Enjoy 100% Electric with Mercedes-EQ, from eSUVs to Saloons. Our electric vehicles are equipped with a range of intelligent assistants and systems to help you get the most out of their range. From efficient driving modes to recuperation of electrical energy, all systems actively help to reach your desired destination.

Benefits of swtiching to an electric car include:

  • Zero Fuel Costs
  • Avoid LEZ charges in Scotland and England
  • Enjoy lower benefit-in-kind tax
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Enjoy exceptional performance with near-instantaneous acceleration

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Why Mercedes-EQ?

One Registration, one contract, one billing – easy charging in public with Mercedes me Charge

Mercedes me Charge provides access to a multitude of public charging stations located in shopping centres, hotels or at motorway services. A smartphone app as well as the vehicle’s navigation system show the precise location, current availability and price at the selected charging station. For more transparency and predictability, enjoy numerous features tailored to your charging habits with the new Mercedes me Charge fixed-priced.

Optimised Navigation

The EQ Optimised Navigation considers the electrical range, topography (e.g. if you are traveling uphill) current consumption as well as charging station POIs for an optimal routing in order to make sure you never run out of charge. When you have the navigation live and set to a destination this will automatically be active. All EQ models have 10 years of EQ Optimised Navigation as standard. This is a system designed to make living with an electric car as easy as possible, and quell range anxiety.

Pre-entry climate control

Controlled via the Mercedes-me app, pre-entry climate control uses scheduled energy-intensive climate control functions, where possible, for periods prior to departure and during the charging time of the high-voltage battery, to positively effect vehicle range. Pre-entry climate control can be set to suit your schedule, depending on your expected travel. Push notifications will help to remind you of the progress and preconditioning process for your vehicle.

Charging interruptions

Charging interruptions allow your vehicle to stand with the charger plugged in but only draw the electricity at select times. For example, if your electricity supplier offers cheaper rates over night starting in the early hours, charging interruptions will help you save money on charging. Benefit from‏‏‎ ‎charging interruptions by having full control over your vehicles charging having to psychically go outside at a specified time.

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