£30m Funding Boost for Scottish Drivers

The Scottish government recently introduced a scheme that was designed to help people who are on low incomes and struggling to make the switch to electric vehicles get a bit of help. For this reason, it has put aside a substantial amount of money designed to provide support during this period of transition. The aim is to create both zero-emission community transport services and fund interest-free loans to purchase electric cars.

A Proper Support Scheme

So, the support scheme in question basically involves putting aside £30 million to provide the aforementioned benefits. The end goal is to create community transport that is zero mission and provide funding for electric cars.

At the moment, the funding is being prioritised to focus on being able to give people access to used electric cars, particularly those businesses and people who live in rural areas, as well as those operating like commercial vehicles for their businesses and the taxi sector. However, the interest-free loans for electric vehicles will continue to be provided as well.

There is also funding being put aside to help provide both business and domestic charge points. Those people who live in both rural and island areas who face higher costs will need more charge points to help counterbalance this.

Providing Targeted Support

The end goal of the scheme was to provide targeted support wherever to be helpful, and this was what happened. Their support for businesses were set up to target smaller companies and organisations, specifically those included in rural and island locations. Considering that they are reliant upon both the hospitality industry and tourism, they could definitely benefit from a funding injection.

Ultimately, the scheme is designed to get support where it is most needed. Ultimately, the problem that Scotland is facing is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to try and introduce electric vehicles when they are so expensive, and the scheme has been designed to help with that. It’s a committed effort to make sure that people have access to the resources that they need and they can freely get the best results when it comes to using electric vehicles. Generally speaking, the Scottish government seems to share the UK sentiment about electric vehicles and is trying to introduce them wherever possible.

Final Thoughts

So, ultimately, it’s all about making sure that the money that has been marked for increasing the number of electric vehicles and generally helping Scotland transition towards an EV world is properly distributed in the right places. Naturally, this is harder than it looks in many cases, so it’s important to take a look at some of the best options. Electric vehicles are becoming more popular all the time, and it is very pleasing to see this injection of cash and development that will definitely provide extra support. Hopefully, it is the push that Scotland needs to transition to a mostly electric vehicle-based country and really pioneer using the vehicles long-term.