Mercedes-Benz Launch Global Branded High-Power Charging Network

Mercedes-Benz have announced the launch of a high-powered charging network to support going all electric by the end of the decade. The launch will be kicked off this year in North America, with Europe and China rollouts following on soon after.

The project is due for completion by 2027, with the goal of 10,000 high-powered networks installed globally.

The Mercedes-Benz charging network will be available for all brands of electric vehicles, but will have additional benefits for Mercedes-Benz drivers, including preferential access via a reservation function, and being able to use an automatic payment function. This strategy will greatly increase customer experience, differentiating the user experience for Mercedes-Benz customers and will accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles.

“Mercedes-Benz already offers what we believe to be the finest EVs in the market. But to accelerate the electric transformation, we need to ensure that the charging experience keeps pace as well. Our customers deserve a compelling charging experience that makes electric vehicle ownership and long-distance travel effortless. We won’t take a wait-and-see approach for this to be built. That’s why we are launching a global high-end charging network. It’s designed to become another differentiator of Mercedes-Benz ownership for our customers and an asset with value creation potential for our company. We are excited to start right here in North America with strong and experienced partners like MN8 Energy and ChargePoint.”
Ola Källenius, Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Group AG

The aim is to create effortless long-distance travel for customers, the placements of these charging networks have therefore been carefully considered. The charging stations will be placed purposefully close to food outlets and restrooms, and they will be equipped with surveillance cameras and other safety measures to provide a safe and secure charging environment.

Mercedes-Benz have partnered up with two of the leading companies in their respective fields in the US to help the rollout of this major global project, commencing in the North America.

ChargePoint; leading specialists in charging network design and provision, and MN8; one of the largest solar energy and battery storage owners in the US will both be working as partners with Mercedes-Benz, collaborating to expand the charging network and create a premium experience for Mercedes-Benz customers.