Revealing the New S 63 E PERFORMANCE Coming 2023

Mercedes-Benz have announced the sales release of the Mercedes-AMG S 63 E PERFORMANCE, the most powerful S-Class of all time. This new powerhouse will be released for sale early 2023, with the first customer deliveries expected soon after.

The E PERFORMANCE model combines the AMG 4.0-litre V8 biturbo engine with the AMG-specific hybrid powertrain. With a focus on best-in-class performance, the saloon sets new standards in the segment with 802 hp of system output and 1430 Nm of system torque.

The performance hybrid is technology transferred directly from F1 into this new S-Class. The hybrid technology is focused towards benefitting the performance of the new S 63 E PERFORMANCE, however it does grant the car with an all-electric range of 33 kilometres. The more impressive figure here to mention however, is the fact that this hybrid engine is able to propel this S-Class from 0 – 62mph in just 3.3 seconds. The driver dynamics are enhanced with the model standard systems such as the AMG RIDE CONTROL + Suspension, and AMG ACTIVE RIDE CONTROL roll stabilisation and rear axle steering, offering unmatched driving control and comfort.

The performance hybrid layout with a combustion engine at the front and an electric drive unit at the rear axle not only offers a superior driving experience, but also significantly increases efficiency. The optimised weight distribution, best possible utilisation of torque and the very responsive power delivery promise driving dynamics and driving refinement at the highest level. In addition to the technically sophisticated powertrain, we also pulled out all the stops with the suspension to achieve the greatest possible spread between comfort and driving dynamics.

“With E PERFORMANCE, we are now opening a new chapter: Never before has a luxury saloon so perfectly combined best-in-class performance with superior comfort and virtually silent electric driving. In this way, we are also opening up to highly discerning target groups who see Mercedes-AMG as the performance luxury brand of the 21st century. With the most powerful S-Class of all time, however, we are not only going our own technical way, as is characteristic of AMG, but also making a strong visual statement: For the first time, the S-Class Saloon also has our AMG-specific radiator grille, so the brand affiliation is closer than ever before."

- Jochen Hermann, Technical General Manager of Mercedes-AMG GmbH

The performance of this AMG S 63 E PERFORMANCE is reflected in the new design, from the new exterior features, to the interior appearance. This is the first S-Class with the radiator grille with vertical louvres and a large centre star. The 21” AMG forged wheels and AMG-specific side panels make the side stand out, and for the rear, the fluted twin tailpipes highlight the classic 63 status. The interior has been redefined by the classic AMG stitching and exclusive colour variants with the AMG emblem embossed on the head restraints, emphasising this cars sporty side.

This new S-Class demonstrates cutting edge performance and comfort throughout and displays futuristic and innovative technology from Mercedes-Benz. It reflects the continuous industry leading progression in the drive to hybrid and electric technology, with enhanced performance.