Mercedes-Benz Antos Trucks

Heavy-duty distribution

A new class of truck for a new era in transport.

The new Antos. Both a milestone and a benchmark for the future. A whole new class of truck that has been specifically developed for distribution work from 18 t upwards.

Built to cater exactly to your requirements across all applications. Meaning you can go about your day-to-day tasks more effectively and efficiently whatever your line of work, whether it’s grocery transport, retail supply services or tanker and dry-bulk haulage.

This is all thanks to practical, comfortable cabs, responsive and dynamic powertrain configurations featuring fuel-saving, low-emission Euro VI engines, as well as extremely safe, assured driving characteristics.

This is backed up by low repair and maintenance costs, complete ease of body mounting and a diverse product portfolio – including special model variants designed for payload-sensitive and volume-oriented haulage.

In short, a truck which points the way forward with a new name and a new face. First and foremost though, one which offers you a tailored, purpose-built solution for all distribution applications from 18 t upwards.

The new Antos. Call Western Commercial and experience the new class of truck in heavy-duty distribution.

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The Mercedes-Benz Antos

Watch the Mercedes-Benz Antos on the road.

The New Antos.



Standardised cab width of 2300mm for an optimum balance between overall view, spaciousness, body length and payload

  • All cabs available with two engine tunnel heights of 170mm and 320mm
  • ClassicSpace S-cab: 1700mm long
  • ClassicSpace M-cab: 2000mm long
  • CompactSpace M-cab: 2000mm long, flat roof

Whole Life Costs

  • Reliable, more economical EuroVI engines
  • Long service intervals of up to 150,000km
  • Low maintenance and repair costs
  • Impressive ease of body mounting
  • FleetBoard® EcoSupport as standard
  • Optimum FleetBoard® Vehicle, Logistics and Time Management for greater efficiency and streamlined logistics processes
  • Diesel particulate filter as standard for low particulate emissions and possibly avoiding driving restrictions
  • Possibility of lower toll charges for advance compliance with EuroVI emissions standard
  • Secure investment with a secure future


  • Efficient EuroVI engines with X-Pulse1 common-rail high-pressure injection
  • Compliance with EuroVI as standard
  • Auxiliary consumers with a fuel-efficient design
  • Fuel-saving system of AdBlue® injection
  • FleetBoard® EcoSupport as standard to help with driving in a more economical manner
  • Mercedes PowerShift3 automated gearshift with efficiency-focused Fleet and Economy driving programs
  • Optional Predictive Powertrain Control for topography-based, fuel-saving gearshifting
  • Transmissions and rear-axle ratios designed to optimise consumption