ServiceCare Maintenance Plan

Save money and maintain your cashflow

Our individual service plan - ServiceCare Maintenance enables you to spread the cost of up to 6 services without entering into a credit agreement. It's a cost-effective way to maintain your cashflow while ensuring your van's high standards are upheld by our expert technicians.

A plan starts from £12.50 a month for an eSprinter and £25.00 a month for new Sprinter, Vito and Citan vans. It could save you on average £124 per vehicle[a] against our Pay as you go option.

[a]Save £124 to the average saving versus 2 pay as you go services on a Sprinter Panel Van.

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More expertise, for less

This plan is available on any Mercedes-Benz van and works out cheaper than booking services individually. Flexible payment options are available, with a choice of monthly Direct Debits or one upfront lump sum. What's more, costs are fixed at today's rate - protecting your business against increases in labour rates, parts, prices and inflation for the duration of the plan.

How do I know which plan is right for me?

To help make it easier for you to choose and see your options, we’ve separated our plans for manual and automatic transmission vans. See the sections below for details.

ServiceCare Maintenance Manual​

 Number of servicesTotal/Upfront cost12 months24 months36 months48 months
Citan, vito and sprinter2 services£600.00£50.00£25.00--
 4 services£1,200.00£100.00£50.00£33.33£25.00
 6 services£1,800.00£150.00£75.00£50.00£37.50

​Additional plans are available when applied to vehicles under 90 days from registration:

 Number of servicesTotal/Upfront cost12 months24 months36 months48 months
Citan, vito and sprinter3 services£900.00£75.00£37.50£25.00-
 5 services£1,500.00£125.00£62.50£41.67£31.25

ServiceCare Maintenance Automatic​​


Number of servicesTotal/Upfront cost12 months24 months36 months48 months
2 services£864.00£72.00£36.00--
4 services + 1 automatic transmission service£1,464.00£122.00£61.00£40.67£30.50
4 services + 2 automatic transmission service£1,728.00£144.00£72.00£48.00£36.00
6 services £2,328.00£194.00£97.00£64.67£48.50


Number of servicesTotal/Upfront cost12 months24 months36 months48 months
2 services£792.00£66.00£33.00--
4 services + 1 Automatic transmission service£1,392.00£116.00£58.00£38.67£29.00
4 services + 2 Automatic transmission service£1,584.00£132.00£66.00£44.00£33.00
6 services £2,184.00£182.00£91.00£60.67£45.50

ServiceCare Maintenance Electric

Number of servicesTotal/Upfront cost12 months24 months36 months 48 months
eSprinter2 services £300.00 £25.00 £12.50 - -
4 services £600.00 £62.00 £31.00 £20.67 £15.50
eVito2 services £372.00 £31.00 £15.50 - -
4 services £744.00 £62.00 £31.00 £20.67 £15.50
eCitan2 services £272.00 £31.00 £15.50 - -
4 services £744.00 £62.00 £31.00 £20.67 £15.50

Using your ServiceCare Maintenance Plan

If you’d like to set up a plan please contact your preferred Dealer and they’ll explain how your 6 services will be arranged. Once your plan is up and running, your Dealer will keep you informed and help you with each booking. If you’d prefer not to sign up to a plan, our Pay as you go servicing offers the same high quality servicing and repairs for individual workshop visits.

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