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Intelligent vehicle monitoring via your mobile, tablet or laptop.

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Mercedes me helps you get more out of your van and makes your working day simpler and more efficient. As the successor to Mercedes PRO connect, it is now integrated into all our latest vehicles, so all you need to do is register and start using the services for FREE*.

Three reasons to start using Mercedes me:

Greater efficiency.

Improve your ability to plan servicing in advance with maintenance services, keeping your vehicle on the road when you need it most.

More visibility.

See your vehicle’s location on your smartphone at all times and use remote locking/unlocking to keep it secure.

Better insight.

Check your vehicle’s health status at any time and get alerts on critical parts – thanks to remote services and real-time information.

Which services are included?

Assistance & Aftercare

Maintenance Management

Get advance notifications of servicing, so you can plan ahead and avoid any downtime that could slow your business down.

Accident Recovery & Breakdown Management

If you need breakdown support, our Customer Assistance Center are always standing by.

Remote Vehicle Diagnostics

Go under the bonnet via your mobile device or laptop and check the health of critical parts, enabling you to take action when its needed.


Mercedes me can enable your Dealer to monitor your vehicle’s critical components to detect wear, so they can contact you if something needs attention.

Software updates

There’s no need to get your Mercedes me software updated at your Dealership – it’s all taken care automatically by over the air updates.

Vehicle Supervision

Vehicle Tracker

Simply open the app and instantly see the last location of your van – helping you monitor your vehicle even when you’re not behind the wheel.


Set a specific geographic area for your vehicle to operate in and then receive alerts to your mobile if it leaves the defined area.

Parked Vehicle Locator

Use your smartphone to direct you to the location of your vehicle – a useful feature if you’re picking up your van from one of the team or you’ve forgotten where you’ve parked it.  

Remote Access

Remote Retrieval of Vehicle Status

A quick glance at your app and you can see your fuel level, tyre pressure and mileage.

Remote Door Locking & Unlocking

Worried that you’ve left your van’s doors unlocked or need to give a colleague access? Simply use your app to lock or unlock the doors remotely.  

Ready to set up Mercedes me? There are just four simple steps:

1. Create a Mercedes me ID

To create a business profile for Mercedes me, simply complete the one-off registration as a company administrator in either the Mercedes me Portal or the Mercedes me App. You will then receive your personal Mercedes me ID. If you already have your own Mercedes me ID, you can skip this step.

2. Create a company profile

Using your own Mercedes me ID, you can now create a company profile in the Mercedes me Portal. Please note that you must be authorised by your company to create accounts.

3. Add vehicles, services and people

After you’ve created your company profile, you can connect your vehicle or vehicles with Mercedes me in the Mercedes me Portal and activate the desired services.

You can also add new users as drivers. They will receive an e-mail invitation and will need to set up their own Mercedes me ID to use the company profile.

4. Install and start the app

As soon as you’ve registered and been added as a user in the company profile, you can log in to the Mercedes me App using your Mercedes me ID, then assign yourself a vehicle and use the Mercedes me services.

* To use the services, you must register on the Mercedes me Portal and also accept the Terms of Use for the Mercedes me services. In addition, the respective vehicle must be paired with a user account. Upon expiry of the initial term, the services can be renewed for a fee. Initial activation of the services is possible within 1 year of first registration or initial operation by the customer, whichever occurs first. Please note that the scopes can differ depending on model series, year of construction, equipment and whether the customer account is a private or a business account.

Mercedes me is available for the Vito, eVito, Sprinter and the eSprinter. It includes a range of digital services, free for an unlimited time or for 3 years (according to service), to help manage your vehicle. Details correct at time of press – September 2021. Please note, services may change over time. In the case of questions concerning the availability of Mercedes me services for your vehicle, please contact us today..

The availability of the control unit needed for 4G connectivity is temporarily limited for certain vehicles due to supply bottlenecks. This means that all Mercedes me and Mercedes PRO connect services, including the emergency call system (eCall) are temporarily not available in the affected vehicles. For further information please contact your preferred Mercedes-Benz Dealer.

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