Mercedes-Benz Vito & eVito 2024 | How To Start The Van
Mercedes-Benz Vito & eVito 2024 Test Drive & Review

New Vito Tourer

Discover the premium 9 seater MPV van from Mercedes-Benz.

The Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer is a premium 9 seater MPV van designed to carry you and your passengers in comfort.

Combining spacious seating areas with premium features such as twin sliding doors, 19" alloy wheels and chrome finishing, the Vito Tourer is the perfect MPV for small businesses that demand true versatility and elegance from their commercial vehicles.

Discover the Vito Tourer MPV's additional specifications and features, and buy online today.

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7.1 l/100 km [a] Combined consumption

Up to 9 Seats in the interior.

Up to 163 hp Output [b]

[a]The stated figures were obtained in accordance with the prescribed measuring process. They are "WLTP CO₂ figures" in accordance with Article 2, No. 3 of Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/1153. The fuel consumption figures were calculated on this basis. The figures are not based on an individual vehicle and do not constitute part of the product offer; they are provided solely for the purposes of comparison between different vehicle models. The figures vary depending on the selected special equipment.

[b]Data for rated output and rated torque in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 715/2007 in the currently applicable version.


Appealing design. In the design language of Mercedes-Benz.

The design of the Vito is convincing at first glance. The Vito Tourer's characteristic exterior makes it recognisable from every angle. Choose from two available trim lines.


Functionality meets comfort.

The interior is like the Vito Tourer itself: extremely functional - and attractively designed. The instruments in the driver's compartment are clearly arranged and all controls are within easy reach.

Trim Lines

Tourer PRO

  • Leather steering wheel
  • MBUX multimedia system with 10.25-inch touchscreen
  • Instrument cluster with colour display
  • Multifunction steering wheel with touch controls, adjustable in inclination and height
  • Reversing camera
  • Cruise Control
  • TEMPMATIC semi-automatic air conditioning
  • 3-seater bench seat in the first row of the passenger compartment, with folding and removable outer seat
  • Passenger compartment seating, 3-seater bench seat, 2nd row
  • Grab handles in rear
  • Grab handle at entrance
  • TPO plastic floor in passenger compartment
  • 2-way loudspeakers in the front and rear
  • Premium interior trim
  • Roof lining


Contains the features of the Vito Tourer PRO as well as[r][s]:

  • Park Package with reversing camera
  • Smartphone Integration package
  • Interior Chrome Package
  • Luxury overhead control panel
  • Illuminated mirrors with sun visors
  • Grab handles at entrance for driver and front passenger
  • Lighting in the rear grab handle with reading light
  • 3-seater comfort bench seat in the 2nd row, with folding outer seat
  • 3-seater comfort bench seat in the 2nd row, with folding outer seat
  • Seat rails with quick-release attachment system and 3 rails
  • Armrests for seating in the passenger compartment
  • Acoustic Comfort Package
  • Carpet
  • Interior and surround lighting combination

Body Variants


3-seater Comfort bench seat 1st row with folding outer seat and 3-seater Comfort bench seat 2nd row with folding outer seat


2-seater bench seat 1st row, 3-seater bench seat 2nd row


3-seater bench seat 1st row with folding outer seat and 2nd seat row removed


3-seater bench seat 1st row with folding outer seat, 3-seater bench seat 2nd row


2-seater bench seat 1st row, 3-seater bench seat 2nd row


2-seater bench seat 1st row, 2-seater bench seat 2nd row, 3-seater bench seat 3rd row


2-seater bench seat 1st row, 2-seater bench seat 2nd row

3-seater bench seat 2nd row, face-to-face seat fastening 1st rear seat row, 3-seater bench seat 1st row with folding outer seat

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Navigation. Save time thanks to fast Mercedes-Benz Navigation with flexible input via touch control or voice input. This intelligent system guides you to your destination reliably, drawing both on local and up-to-date online information
Wireless Charging System For Mobile Devices. With the wireless charging system for mobile devices, you can conveniently charge your inductively chargeable smartphone in the centre console storage compartment while driving: without cables, plugs or holders - regardless of model and brand. While you drive, your smartphone can revive.
Driving Assistance Package. Experience the intelligent support of modern assistance systems in interaction. A combination of five systems assists you in adapting speed, steering and maintaining distance according to the situation. This can protect passengers and other road users - and you can reach your destination in a more relaxed and comfortable manner.
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