Truck & Van Servicing Contracts

Your truck belongs on the road...

We'll keep your vehicle performing at its best - and on the road where it belongs. Regular service from highly-trained and experienced technicians will keep your Mercedes-Benz in peak condition - and from just £4 a day, our fixed-price, inflation-proof contracts make it easy to budget.

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Complete Service Contract 

Covers all of the repair and maintenance needs for your truck. The price is guaranteed, fixed and inflation proof for up to 8 years for complete peace of mind.

Best Basic Service Contract 

When every penny counts but you can't afford to compromise, this is the answer. It covers all routine servicing, including parts, labour and lubricants, plus relevant inspections and MOT tests.

ExtendPlus And Extend

ExtendPlus and Extend Service Contracts allow the duration of the standard warranty to be extended either for the full vehicle (ExtendPlus), or just the driveline (Extend). They provide cover for mechanical, electronic and electrical components that form part of the UK vehicle’s standard specification that fail during the warranty period.

Mercedes-Benz Uptime

If downtime is the enemy, Uptime is the hero. With intelligent connectivity and real-time monitoring. Mercedes-Benz Uptime prevents breakdowns before they happen. Watch the video to find out how. ​

What does it cover

Complete Service Contract Managed Service Contract
Routine service labour costs
Routine service parts
Routine service lubricants
Front and rear brake pads
Front and rear brake discs (including brake cleaner)
Fly wheel
Clutch friction material
Release bearings
Worn centre plate
Wiper blade if required during maintenance service
MOT test fees (vehicles under 3.5 tonnes or plated to under 3.5 tonnes)
Transferable to new owner when vehicle sold
Repair or replacement of engine
Repair or replacement of gear box
Repair or replacement of rear axle
Repair or replacement of all other mechanical components
Repair or replacement of computing management system
Repair or replacement of all other electrical components
Emergency road side assistance ■ Δ Δ
Recovery to nearest Mercedes-Benz authorised repairer ■ Δ Δ
Extension to contract life available
Fast track preferential authorisation and processing
Ministry inspections (vehicles over 3.5 tonnes)
Monthly paid contract
Prepaid contract
Provision of replacement vehicle
Refrigeration units
UK & Continental cover

■ Standard cover
□ Optional cover
Δ Covered for first 3 years under vehicle warranty