Honda Military & Blue Light Discounts

Honda Military, Blue Light and Boundless CSMA Programmes

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New Hondas available through DDS

This scheme has been designed by the Ministry of Defence to reward and to thank anyone serving in the armed forces, as well as reservists and veterans. Currently, we can offer you new Honda models, like the Jazz, a number of Honda Civic models, the HR-V and the CR-V under the DDS scheme. Beneficial pricing arrangements, allowing you a discount of up to 21%, and all you have to do is show your DDS card. And it’s not only military personnel who are currently serving in the Army, Royal Navy or RAF who are eligible for a DDS card and, therefore, access to this scheme.

You are eligible if you are:
• An MOD employee working for and paid by the MOD itself
• A DDS cardholder-member of the DDS
• A tri-service reservist or cadet force member
• Retired from the military and hold a DDS Card

Honda Emergency Services Scheme

Day in and day out, everyone in the UK is dependent on you as a member of our emergency services always being ready to help at a moment’s notice. Now spare a moment for yourself and get yourself all the benefits of a Blue Light Card. This card entitles you to a new Honda at a beneficial price with up to 21% discount.

You are eligible if you are:
• A serving or retired police officer
• A serving or retired fire fighter
• A serving or retired paramedic
• An NHS registered doctor or nurse
• A serving or retired prison officer
• A serving community support officer

Honda scheme for civil servants

If you’re currently working as a Civil Servant or are a retired Civil Servant, you’re eligible for a Boundless CSMA Card, giving you access to beneficial pricing of up to 21% less than the usual OTR price on a new Honda. This scheme is totally exclusive and is not available to the general public.

To find out all the details of the schemes available across the new Honda range for military, emergency services and Civil Service personnel, please just get in touch with our highly trained team at Western Honda in Edinburgh, Halbeath or Stirling.

If you meet any of the criteria above for these Honda Military or Honda Blue Light schemes, but you don’t currently have a DDS Card or a Blue Light Card, that’s no problem. Just come along to any Western Honda dealership, take a test drive of the car you would like and we’ll help you apply for the relevant card.

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