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All-New Honda Jazz Unveiling
e:HEV Hybrid Two Races, One Heartbeat

New Honda Jazz & Jazz Crosstar Offers

The all-new Jazz is here featuring Honda Hybrid Technology - e:HEV. It is responsive, smooth and efficient.

This is the Jazz you know and love now updated with a sleek, new style. With its bold stature, you can choose between two variants: the advanced Jazz and the sporty Jazz Crosstar.

Compact on the outside yet spacious on the inside, the all-new Jazz and Jazz Crosstar have been re-engineered and redesigned with a clean, seamless profile that’s aerodynamically efficient. With an e:HEV powertrain, the range combines responsive performance with a whole lot of style.

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Sophisticated design

The new Jazz adheres to its original concept of function and elegance. Every detail gives the Jazz a smart, contemporary look and a unique personality. The lines are clean and modern.

Sleek lines in motion

New Jazz's design is a combination of function, form and fashion. Every horizontal line has presence and purpose. Every vertical has strength and solidity. The curves add aerodynamic style and poise.

The Crosstar Version 

Integrated Roof Rails

Created for those with dynamic, on the go lives, the new Jazz Crosstar features sleek integrated roof rails for practical versatility.

​Distinctive Front Grille

Sporting a tough, more muscular style, the new Jazz Crosstar features a distinctive grille that gives the car its own personality.

16" Alloy Wheels

The vehicle's broader stance and stylish design are complemented by unique 16'' alloy wheels. The light alloys add to the car’s agile performance.

Two-Tone Body Colour

A selection of new body colours now includes two-tone options on the Jazz Crosstar. Contrasting colours allow for even greater personalisation.

Go Hybrid, Go Jazz

Drawing on our more than 20 years' experience in building hybrid cars, the all-new Honda Jazz range has been developed by experts devoted to improving economy, reducing emissions and increasing driving performance.

Responsive, smooth, efficient

Hybrid technology delivers seamless driving. Based on driver input, our intelligent system will alternate between three modes for optimal efficiency.

Smooth, Responsive Performance 

Our e:HEV technology supports real driving performance while achieving impressive fuel economy and low emissions. Engineered to be smooth and responsive in all conditions, the all-new 

Jazz is a pleasure to drive with our latest, direct drive transmission enhancing the feeling of connection between driver and car. This is what we mean when we say it is 'The hybrid you can feel'.

Advanced E:HEV Hybrid Technology

The e:HEV hybrid powertrain combines high efficiency with an always-enjoyable driving experience. Its compact, powerful electric motors connect to a smooth 1.5-litre i-MMD (intelligent-Multi Mode Drive) petrol engine, a lithium-ion battery and a sturdy fixed-gear transmission. A clever power control unit ensures harmony between the component parts to provide you with an ​energetic response. 

The total power output is 109PS and what that means is an effortless, comfortable drive whether meandering through town or cruising long distance on motorways. Its energy-efficient character sees combined CO2 emissions of 102-110g/km and fuel economy of 58.9-62.8mpg (WLTP).

Three Driving Modes

In order to maximise both your driving experience and the car’s efficiency, the advanced e:HEV hybrid automatically, and seamlessly, selects the most appropriate option from three drive modes: 

- In Electric Drive mode, you are running 100% on smooth, silent electric power. This mode will usually be used when accelerating from a standstill or during low-speed cruising.

- Hybrid Drive is when the petrol engine and electric motor combine for optimum power and economy, perfect for when you're accelerating on the move or overtaking.

- Engine Drive occurs during sustained, higher-speed cruising when the petrol engine is at its most efficient powering the car.

The Interior

The Honda Jazz provides total comfort in its spacious cabin thanks to its impressive legroom and ergonomic front seats with their novel, anti-fatigue design that make every journey a pleasure.

Panoramic Vision

Thanks to the panoramic windscreen you will enjoy exceptional visibility from the driver's seat. Thinner, but immensley strong, A-pillars further increase peripheral vision and ensure a more immersive driving feeling.

Sleek Dashboard 

The roomy interior is emphasised by the sleek, modern dashboard. Ergonomically designed controls, soft-touch materials and clear displays, including a new 7'' digital driver display and 9'' Honda CONNECT touchscreen, allow essential information to be seen quickly and easily.

Anti-Fatigue Front Seats

Designed to be comfortable and supportive, the front seats boast anti-fatigue properties from the limousine class while the choice of upholsteries allows for a personal interior to match your lifestyle. Thoughtful touches like the wide centre armrest with storage and extra USB ports in the back ensure everyone can enjoy the journey.

Greater Comfort

The rear Magic Seat was given a rework and benefits from a thicker cushion to provide a more pliant feel and greater comfort. Smart, new fabrics mean your Jazz won't just look great, it will feel great every time.

Magic Seats To Suit Your Lifestyle

Whatever you fit into your life will also fit into the new Jazz and Jazz Crosstar. Our Magic Seats give you versatility: the rear seats tip-up, providing vertical space or fold-flat into the floor in one easy motion, while the 60:40 split provides even more flexibility. On the Jazz Crosstar, the upholstery is water-resistant which means it can shrug off the knocks from your active lifestyle.

Capacity To Carry

In developing the new Jazz, Honda engineers worked closely with the design team to ensure the car retained its class-leading levels of interior space - the hallmark of previous Jazz generations. The luggage capacity (with rear seats up) starts from 298 litres and goes up to an impressive 1205 litres (rear seats down, to the roof).

Centre console and large armrest.
Smartphone holders for the back seat.
Android Auto & Apple CarPlay.