Honda Motability Offers

Honda Motability Specialists

Eastern Western are proud to be involved with the motability charity for the disabled – Motability. Helping disabled drivers, their carers and families take the stress out of leasing, Eastern Western’s Honda motability scheme focuses on providing expert care for any Honda cars to be purchased to provide better disabled motability.

As one of the leading motability allowance schemes in Scotland, Honda Motability takes all the stress out of car leasing/purchasing with the costs of servicing, insurance and breakdown cover all included in the final cost.

Who can use the Honda Motability scheme?

To buy a car on our Honda Motability scheme there are a number of considerations and requirements that you need to be eligible for before purchase. These include:

  • Only drivers named in the certificate of insurance are eligible to drive the car
  • You can only apply to join our Honda Motability scheme if the disabled owner receives an allowance such as the Higher Disability Allowance (DLA) or a War Pensioners Supplements (WPS).
  • The Honda car needs to be used to benefit the life of a disabled person. This doesn’t mean the car can only ever be driven when the disabled person is in the car but any usage should have a direct purpose of aiding and benefiting the disabled customer.
  • To find out if you or someone else is eligible for our Honda Motability scheme use Motability’s own eligibility checker online.

Why choose Honda?

Honda cars have long been popular car manufacturers with their reputation as a reliable and diligent producer of cars helping. Honda cars are not only reliable but often are highly economical for fuel and flexible for disabled access. Modifications to Honda vehicles are popular for disabled transport in order to make the car easier to drive and easier to get in and out of. Honda models such as the Honda Jazz, Honda Civic and Honda CR-V all offer spacious and well equipped interiors and beautifully sleek exterior bodywork.