Drivers Urged to Change Their Ways After New Research

New research has been revealed that suggests most drivers need to make some changes to the way that they drive. The latest results of a study Have been released in the last month and they point to a few bad driving behaviours that most drivers are guilty of having done at one point or another.

Lane Hogging and Tailgating

The findings have shown that lane hogging is generally regarded as a behaviour most likely to make motorists feel frustrated, and tailgating is a behaviour that will create the most feelings of anxiety and stress.

Therefore, the campaign is strongly urging drivers to think about their driving habits and try to avoid these behaviours because they can have major impacts on other motorists which could be the catalysts for accidents.

A Comprehensive Survey

The survey 2500 adults between the ages of 16 and 75. Nearly 25% of all drivers admitted to tailgating 75% admitted that if they were to drive too close to the vehicle in front of them, they may cause an accident.

Considering that both actions are considered to be criminal offences and can be punished by law if someone is found to be doing them, it’s clear that this survey turns up more than a few disturbing conclusions. This type of thing could result in an on-the-spot fine of £100, which should definitely make people think twice about it.

Plenty of Expert Opinions

Naturally there are plenty of expert opinions on the matter. Sheena Hague is the National Highways Director of Road Safety and had this to say:

“Bad habits can make driving on our motorways a challenging experience, as those who lane hog or tailgate frustrate other drivers and make them feel unsafe. Both are dangerous and can cause accidents.

Our campaign aims to motivate motorists to embrace little changes, which will have an overall positive effect on both them and their fellow road users, reduce congestion and keep traffic flowing.

The message is simple – always allow plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front, and unless overtaking, move into the left-hand lane.”

Another vocal voice on the subject was Guy Opperman, the Roads Minister:

“This Government is on the side of drivers and is listening to their concerns. That’s why this campaign, as part of our Plan for Drivers, aims to tackle middle lane hogging and tailgating, which are not only irritating but dangerous too.”

Finally, there was also comments from Rod Dennis, a spokesperson from the RAC, who concluded the findings with this statement:

“Simply put, middle lane hogging and tailgating are far more than mere annoyances for drivers – these actions put everyone on the roads at risk. Closely following another motorist, for instance, could easily result in a serious collision should the driver ahead need to brake sharply for any reason. The fact nearly one-in-four drivers surveyed admit to doing so on some of England’s fastest and busiest roads is frightening.

Some offenders might find these habits hard to kick, which is why this campaign is so important. By understanding how we choose to drive affects others, we can each make a real difference to the safety of our roads.”