New Nissan NV400 Van

Big, Bold & Strong

Looking for a commercial vehicle that’s strong and reliable, with a large practical load space, a spacious cab, and an efficient and economical engine? Meet the Nissan NV400. With a range of layouts, ready-to-go conversions and Nissan’s renowned strength and quality, the boldly-styled NV400 is your ideal business partner.

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Panel Van, Dropside single/double cab, Tipper single cab, Crew Van, Combi and more – whatever your trade, there’s a Nissan NV400 to suit, converted and ready to go. With a choice of wheelbase, length, height, payload and engine, your perfect match is right here.

Room To Spare

The Nissan NV400 can carry up to 17m³ of cargo – that's up to five Euro pallets – or 22m³ with the Box Van conversion. A low floor and wide-opening doors make it easy to load cargo up to 4,4m in length.

Reliability & Low Running Costs

The NV400 keeps the pressure off your finances, with low operating costs. There’s a 5 Years or 100,000 miles warranty and longer service intervals. With two years or up to 25,000 miles between oil and filter changes, and Nissan’s legendary quality standards, your NV400 will spend most of its time where it belongs; on the road.

Comfort & Spacious

The cabin of the Nissan NV400 is smart, spacious and practical thanks to the new uncluttered dashboard. It has excellent visibility and is well-insulated from noise. There's plenty of convenient storage – and the ergonomic design means that everything is close to hand.

Get A Better Picture

The wide-view mirror on the passenger's sunvisor more than doubles your angle of vision on the far side of the vehicle. That makes reversing safer – and reduces blind spots.

Drive In Luxury

A comfortable driving position is vital when you're spending long hours behind the wheel. You can adjust the cushion tilt, the lumbar support and the headrest on the NV400's seat, and there's the bonus of a folding centre armrest.

High-Tech Engines 

The NV400's 2.3 litre dCi turbo-diesel engine is available in five different tunes, from 135HP up to 180HP. All deliver smooth, quiet power for stress-free driving, coupled with frugal fuel consumption and all the torque you need for heavy-duty hauling. The standard diesel particulate filter (DPF) keeps particulate emissions to a minimum, and all engines meet Euro6 standards.


The front-wheel-drive NV400 has a lower kerb weight and improved fuel economy. Additionally, the chassis is lower, which means more space for larger payloads and easier loading. It is also available with an Automatic transmission.


Rear-wheel-drive models use a twin-turbo version of the 2.3 litres engine available in either 145HP or 165HP form. Start/Stop technology and regenerative braking help lower fuel consumption.

Low Maintenance, Low Running Costs

The Nissan NV400 is designed to have exceptionally low operating costs. Oil and filter changes are at 25,000 miles, or every two years, and you'll be pleased to know that Nissan uses a timing chain and not a belt – so you can say goodbye to regular belt replacement.

Efficient Power Delivery

Whichever engine you choose for your NV400, we have a transmission perfectly matched to it, for top performance, reliability and fuel efficiency.

Meeting Your Needs

Different jobs have different needs. That’s why the Nissan NV400 range offers a choice of front-wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive LCVs, as well as different wheelbases and body heights. Whatever configuration you choose, the NV400 gives you Nissan quality and reliability as you go about your business.

A Place For Everything

Keeping Your Paperwork Safe

The twin overhead parcel shelves keep paperwork and wider items out of the way - but immediately accessible.

Side Storage

You'll find an extra storage pocket just above the glovebox. It's ideal for those items you cannot live without.

Close To Hand

Neat upper door pockets are the perfect place for work gloves, a torch or small tools.

Cold Storage 

The large glovebox will keep important items from prying eyes. It can be cooled, too, if you have air conditioning, so you can keep two 2 litre bottles chilled to enjoy later.

Under-Seat Storage

An optional under-seat storage compartment keeps equipment safe and out of sight.

Room For Large Bottles

Each of the NV400's main door pockets is large enough to hold a 2 litre bottle – perfect for keeping you refreshed during those long, hot days on the road.

Smart Solutions 

Nissan’s approach to innovation is to take advanced and useful features and make them more accessible to everyone. Our technology is simple to operate, so driving becomes safer and more enjoyable. With equipment to cut down on driver distractions and all the latest safety packages, it’s easy to see why the Nissan NV400 is the intelligent choice in LCVs.

Let The NV400 Entertain You 

Switch songs or stations on the radio DAB with controls on the steering wheel. Alternatively, upgrade to the premium audio system that includes connectivity between your smartphone and your NV400 with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, new second-generation radio and DAB radio functionalities, and MP3 playback.

Phone Calls ade Easy

Use the integrated Bluetooth hands-free phone system to make and receive calls from clients or the office – while keeping both hands safely on the wheel.

Choose Your Own Sountrack 

Listen to your mobile music library or catch up on podcasts with the USB port and auxiliary audio input, available with the premium audio upgrade. You can even charge your mobile phone or tablet while you're driving.

Cruise Control

Cruise control can be your best friend on long journeys, and can be quickly adjusted to keep you moving with the flow of traffic.

Speed Limits

Stay safe – and keep on the right side of the law – with the simple-to-adjust speed limiter.Makes hill-starts safer and smoother by momentarily maintaining brake pressure for 2 seconds.


The Nissan NV400 LCV comes with safety features designed to inspire confidence behind the wheel. A driver airbag and a strong, rigid cab with a steel bulkhead help make every drive feel more secure.

NV400 Panel Van Visia - Starting at £26,990

All the essentials you need in a van, creating a highly dependable business partner.

  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 2.8T
  • Front wheel drive
  • Engines: 135PS
  • Seating capacity: 3
  • Length: L1
  • Height: H1
  • Driver seat with longitudinal & height adj.
  • Nearside sliding door
  • Full steel bulkhead
  • 50:50 split 180° unglazed rear doors
  • DAB Radio

NV400 Panel Van Acenta - Starting at £27,690

A range of technologies such as rear parking sensors and cruise control comes as standard, together with a selection of features that enhance the practicality and comfort of your vehicle. These include lumbar support on driver’s seat, one-touch front driver window and foldable central seat.

  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 3.3T or 3.5T
  • Front or rear wheel drive
  • Engines:
    •FWD: 135PS, 150PS (MT/AT), 180PS (MT/AT)
    •RWD: 145PS, 165PS
  • Seating capacity: 3
  • Length: L1-L4
  • Height: H1-H3
  • In addition to Visia
    •One-touch driver window
    •Lumbar support on driver seat
    •105lt fuel tank
    •Rear parking sensors
    •Cruise control and speed limiter

NV400 Panel Van Tekna - Starting at £29,540

The perfect solution for your day with manual air-conditioning, front fog lights and automatic wipers and headlights.

  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 3.3T or 3.5T
  • Front or rear wheel drive
  • Engines:
    •FWD: 135PS, 150PS (MT/AT), 180PS (MT/AT)
    •RWD: 145PS, 165PS
  • Seating capacity: 3
  • Length: L1-L3
  • Height: H1-H3
  • In addition to Acenta
    •Manual air-conditioning with pollen filter
    •Automatic wipers & headlights
    •Front fog lights

NV400 Crew Van Acenta - Starting at £32,690

With large windows and comfortable seats, the NV400 Crew Van delivers up to seven people fresh and ready to work - yet still has plenty of space left in the cargo area.

  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 3.5T
  • Front wheel drive
  • Engines: 135PS or 150PS (MT/AT)
  • Seating capacity: 7
  • Length: L2 or L3
  • Height: H2
  • One-touch driver window
  • Lumbar support on driver seat
  • 105lt fuel tank
  • Rear parking sensors

NV400 Crew Van Tekna - Starting at £33,440

Make your trip more comfortable with the manual air-conditioning, front fog lights and automatic wipers and headlights.

  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 3.5T
  • Front wheel drive
  • Engines: 135PS or 150PS (MT/AT)
  • Seating capacity: 7
  • Length: L2 or L3
  • Height: H2
  • In addition to Acenta
    •Manual air-conditioning with pollen filter
    •Automatic wipers & headlights
    •Front fog lights
BRAKE WITH CONFIDENCE. Three high-tech systems ensure you can bring your NV400 to a safe stop even in an emergency. The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) stops the wheels locking up, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution compensates for the added weight of passengers or load, and Brake Assist reads how quickly you have hit the pedal and applies maximum braking to bring you to a halt if need be.
NISSAN LCV 5 YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY. NISSAN now offers as standard 5 Year Pan-European Manufacturer Warranty on its LCV range*.
STABILITY CONTROL. ESP stability control monitors steering and braking actions, senses oversteer or understeer, and keeps you on your intended path by reducing engine speed and applying the brakes to specific wheels. Load sensors adapt the system to compensate for the added weight of cargo.