Dundee To Get More EV Chargers That ‘Pop-Up’ Out Of Ground

Electric drivers in Dundee are in line to benefit from scores of cutting-edge “pop up” chargers after the city played a key role in developing the devices.

Thousands more drivers, who are thinking about going electric, could benefit from the technology, which will eventually offer more affordable home charging to all motorists with no garage or driveway.

UK firm Urban Electric has been working with Dundee City Council and others since 2020 to develop and test a new generation of the charging devices.

The company hope to install around 100 of the machines in the city from late summer onwards, after finalising the production version of the design.

Why Dundee?

Gary McRae is the Dundee-based head of electric mobility at consultants Urban Foresight.

He said the Dundee EV pop up chargers project was initially called “clean streets”.

“Around 50% of the properties in Dundee do not have a driveway. Electric vehicles are the future. We all know that.

“People still need to charge near their home, on the streets. But we don’t want to litter the streets with street furniture.

“So it was really about designing a solution that allows people to move to electric, but keeps the city looking as nice as we can.”

The Dundee pop up EV chargers are activated through an app.

The city has hosted around 26 of the prototypes – in locations such as outside the V&A – from October 2020.

Dundee is considered one of the leading cities in Europe in the development of electric vehicle infrastructure.