New Software Enables Viewing of CPC and Tachograph Information

One of the most recent successes seen by the DVLA was their creation and implementation of the Driver and Vehicles account - a portal where key information can be accessed. However, a recent announcement by the DVLA has pointed out that the new service being launched will enable drivers to be able to view both their Driver Certificate of Professional Competence and Tachograph information using new tools. As a service, the new software has been part of the Drivers and Vehicles Account portal, which was first launched in August as a public access beta, which meant that it was still in the early stages of development. It was championed as a way for motorists to be able to access all of the vehicle and driver information they had in a single place, as opposed to needing to use multiple platforms and tools.

Many Updates Ahead

The new ability for users to be able to view both their CPC information and Tachograph information seems like a major advantage for the platform, but the planned developments are not scheduled to stop there. There are several changes which are planned to be added to the service, which intends to become a comprehensive and full portal which can be used to get all the information a driver could need at any given point. The DVLA has been actively appealing for motorists who are willing to test the service for themselves and then offer up feedback, which will allow for better decisions to be made going forward.

Signing Up

At the moment, this is the first incarnation of the service account, and if you do want to sign up for the portal, then you will need to provide a UK passport for proof of ID to sign up. Naturally, this presents a roadblock for drivers who do not have access to a passport, but it is quite easy to get one by going through the normal processes on the government website. It’s well worth taking the time to sign up for the service as being able to make meaningful changes to the portal and tailor it to suit the needs of users is a feasible task. After all, the best way to get a user-driven service is to test features from the start and give proper feedback about what users want to see. This will help future updates and features to be targeted at services that will benefit drivers, as opposed to being the result of what the government thinks people want to see. Julie Lennard is the chief executive of the DVLA, and had this to say: “We are delighted to be able to provide CPC and tachograph information for professional drivers on the Driver and vehicles account. Since we launched the account into public beta in August we have worked to add more services and we continue to do so, and we are encouraging drivers to test out the service and provide us with any feedback they have.”