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The second generation NSX launched in 2016 as a hybrid sports car using a 3.5 L twin-turbo V6 engine and three electric motors. Boasting a top speed of 191mph and up to 600 bhp, the NSX is one of the fastest and highest performing hybrid supercars in existence. Inspired by a F-16 fighter jet, the NSX is a rival to some of the world’s great supercars yet manages to incorporate the latest hybrid technology to make it as affordable as possible.

Set low to the road and with a 1940mm wide body, the NSX is likely to be one of the widest vehicles you’ll drive. The design of the bodywork is reminiscent of an Audi R8 and the front styling of the grill wouldn’t look out of place on a Lamborghini. Inside the aluminium lightweight shell of the car sits a huge V6 3.5 litre petrol engine that works in tandem with a 47bhp electric motor that allows the car to attain hybrid status.

On the road, the NSX is known for its responsive handling, quicker steering and agility to rival the Audi R8 or BMW i8. As with all Hondas, the NSX is reputable and reliable and provides a used car buyer with a chance to own a car that can compete with the likes of a Ferrari 488 supercar but at significantly cheaper price. Affordability wise, the Honda NSX is likely to retain a lot of its original value and with a circa 32 MPG at cruising speeds, it performs admirably against other gas guzzling rivals.

If you’re looking for a hybrid super car at a reasonable price but without compromising on speed, performance and reliability, the Honda NSX may be the right used car for you.

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