Paint Shop

A prominent inclusion within the new Accident Repair Centre is that of 3 state of the art drive through spray ovens, provided by USI Italia, one of the world’s leading spray booth manufacturers.

Using direct drive motors and blower systems these ovens ensure drying time is improved by up to 50% whilst still providing optimum drying to manufacturers specifications. The system directs high volume, filtered and heated air vertically through the booths. This, combined with either programmed exhaust or recirculated air cycles, provides the most efficient way to cure paint, holding down energy costs and improving throughout. The USI spray booths can be used to colour anything from entire vehicles to small individual vehicle parts.

In addition to the 3 spray ovens we also have a mixing room, with dedicated colourist, where colour can be matched by computer formulation set by the manufacturers.

Key Points

  • Highly Skilled Painters
  • USI Italia Spray Ovens
  • 3 State of the Art Spray Ovens
  • A Dedicated Colourist
  • Computerised Colour Matching
  • Colour Mixing Room

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