Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Why buy a new set of wheels when you can refurbish the wheels you have... AND keep most of the money you would have spent. Eastern Western Accident Repair Centre has saved our customers thousands of pounds over the years and is poised to save thousands more as the price of alloy wheels continues to be significant.

Advances in alloy wheel refurbishment technologies make it possible for bolted wheels and split rim wheels to undergo previously restricted repair services. Because these more car owners have employed routine refurbishment services to improve the condition and value of their mobile alloy wheels.

  • So if your wheels have become scuffed or damaged?
  • They have begun to show signs of corrosion, discolouration or paint / lacquer is flaking?
  • You want to recolour or customize your alloy wheels?
  • Your vehicle is due to finish its term of lease or hire?
  • You are thinking of selling your vehicle?

Give us a call or drop in to see us and we'll give you a quote to refurbish your alloy wheels. Alternatively, fill out the form below.

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