Lexus Scotland Corporate Offers

Best In Class

Lexus models are famed for their build quality, reliability and rock-solid residual values - which means affordable monthly rentals. Our hybrid rentals are also allowable against tax. The UK Government have incentives in place which allow 'Eco drivers' to claim 50% VAT back on rentals and 100% VAT back on maintenance cost.

With Lexus, emphasis is on providing value-for-money with virtually all equipment being standard and not optional. Company car drivers and fleet operators reap financial advantages in terms of low benifit-in-kind taxation and low whole life running costs.

Lexus is also providing the solution for companies wanting to cut their carbon footprint with the world's largest hybrid vehicle range.

Contact our Business managers Lynsey Sutherland (Glasgow) or Carlene Miller (Edinburgh) with any questions or a tailored quote.

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