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Winter Weather Tyres

Better grip in wet and dry conditions below 7°C

Winter weather tyres are designed to provide better grip on the road surface in conditions where the temperature is less than 7˚C. Typically in the UK this is between October and March.

The tyres are manufactured with higher levels of natural rubber and silica, which is combined with a tread pattern designed to help the tyre bond with the road at lower temperatures.

This gives better grip and improved stopping distances versus standard tyres in cold weather, improving the vehicle’s handling characteristics.

Tip: Investing in winter weather tyres and alternating between them and your standard tyres can increase the lifespan of both sets and save money by requiring replacements less frequently.


Specially designed to counter the hardening and lack of grip brought on by the cold weather, Lexus Winter tyres keep you safe on icy or snow-covered roads.

Lexus Tyre Hotel

Have your Summer tyres safely stored when you change to Winter ones and vice versa. Storage is charged at £60 for each change.

Alternatively we can arrange to have your tyres delivered to your home for you to store and arrange a collection again when you want to change back.

Winter Tyre Prices

Below are some indicative costs for our sets of Winter Tyres (Full Sets):

Lexus CT - 215/45r17 From £450
Lexus IS - 225/45r17 From £450
Lexus NX - 225/60r18 From £600
Lexus RX - 235/55r19 From £700 up to model year 2015
Lexus RX - 235/55r20 From £850 model year 2016 on
Lexus UX - 225/50r18 From £950 - run flat tyre

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